Today is October 31, Halloween, 2012. We here on the East Coast are just emerging from the various and horrific devastation of Hurricane Sandy. An estimated one-third of the United States, and countries in the Caribbean, are affected by what they are calling a one-of-a-kind “Superstorm.”

And already the theories and high-class conspiracy concoctions are flying about like leaves in the comparatively gentle autumn breezes outside my window today. Everything from chemtrails to H.A.A.R.P to election tampering are being posited, as if the aftermath of the storm isn’t enough to dredge our way through. Somebody should take the blame, I guess.

If you live in a Mason jar and don’t know about H.A.A.R.P or chemtrails or anything having to do with the so-called elite/Illuminati/New World Order/conspiracy stuff, the Readers’ Digest version is that there are those who believe that there is a ruling super-class (or group of families perhaps) who have an agenda of world domination, population reduction, global economic dictatorship. These same folks are now said to be responsible for the storm—either by way of weather tampering or something else. Some of the nice people who believe these things are just nice people and others are vapid extremists and everything in between. Now, I don’t know how much I believe or disbelieve these theories (have you ever noticed you can’t have a conspiracy without it being a theory?) but what I will discuss are two things I know for sure.

One is that there is a definite culture of fear promulgated by many, if not most, of these notions. We are terrorized by those faceless, nameless, unknown Deciders of Our Fate. They are demonic and capricious and we will never know how or when or where they will strike. Are the skies filled with chemicals as surely as our food is? Is the run-away pharmaceutical industry an arm of these hellions? Do they really put the man in the Oval Office that they have groomed to be there? The shadowy world of this undercurrent of impending doom could drive you to madness.

The other thing I’ll put out there is my belief that EVERY external circumstance has its origin in thought—either your own private situation or the collective “mind.” Many, many spiritual teachers have said this: There is one earth but there are billions of worlds. On a quantum level, we know that Newtonian physics has long-ago been replaced by ideas of the field of possibilities which are brought into our existence by awareness. Thought is the vehicle of that awareness. It’s kind of like that old-school Star Trek episode (“Shore Leave,” December 29, 1966, to be exact) where the Enterprise crew is vacationing in a world in which their every thought is made manifest. Captain Kirk must fight his self-created nemesis/Starfleet academy rival, Finnegan, who embodies his fear of failure. The crew is told to try to corral their thoughts, but it’s obvious by what’s popping up in front of them that they are filled with uncontrollable thoughts spinning with angst, pride, fear, hate, gluttony—every sin you can name.

Jim, there are easier ways to conquer fear.

This post is not the place to go into quantum science; I’ve studied this for nearly 40 years so it would have to be at least two posts. ; ) And you’re probably wondering if I’m going to wrap this all up into one Halloween treat or maybe it’s just a trick. What has one to do with the other?

I say all this to say that fear is of our own making. I’m unshakeably convinced that whether or not there is an evil Illuminati or whether or not Hurricane Sandy was geoengineered or whatever menacing shadow you want to name, it’s a product of our own making. Study after study after study have shown the force of our thoughts and, in particular, the power of our collective thoughts. I know—you’re saying, “Whatever, dudette. Didn’t nobody make the winds blow, the water rise, the snow pile up.” Okay. But I believe that the increasing vacancy of our lives is manifesting increasing peril for us. The more consumerist, the more self-absorbed, the more uncertain we become—the more we’ll see these horrific incidences attributable to whatever source. They give us a place for our fear to stand and shake its fist at us.

Just as Halloween gave primitive peoples tangible symbols of their fear and dread, we are silently and consistently creating the manifestations of our own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions.  Franklin D. Roosevelt didn’t know probably the amazing truth of what he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror….” Fear is a manufacture of the mind. And mind can—not overcome it—but transcend it, but only 100% of the time.