What I’m Reading Now

I’m going to let you peek into my library bag. Here’s an Amazon link and a bit about why I’m reading it:



Wendy Shallit’s answer to the TV series of similar name goes from Bratz dolls to examine sexual/social trends and the growing (and welcome!) counter-revolution. She reveals many, many ways that women and girls have been focusing on behaving like men in order to be equal instead of claiming femininity as empowerment.



From a review: In a nutshell, modesty brings out the best in everyone. Modest women, Shalit says, “live in a way that makes womanliness more a transcendent, implicit quality than a crude, explicit quality.” Womanliness enhanced by modesty becomes as intriguing as the Sphinx, in which a Mona Lisa smile far out-shines a silicone-enhanced D-cup.



Ariel Levy explains how today’s society has elevated porn and “raunch” as an equation of female sexuality and how this trend has sidetracked the women’s movement, but more importantly has redefined women as sex objects, just of a different flavor.

And here’s a cartoon that someone posted on Facebook that got me into this subject:




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